Vintage 1966 Francie & Casey Doll Case With Accessories

Description :
Here we have a vintage Francie and Casey doll case from Mattel 1966. This case measures about 17 1/2 inches wide and 13 1/2 inches high. The case overall, is in good condition. There are some minor scratches here and there and two 1 inch cuts in the back (see closeup photo of one) and in need of cleaning perhaps but looks pretty good for its age. The clasp to close is on the side and works nicely. The box swings open from left to right. It has a black handle on the top for carrying. Included with this case are two dolls (not certain if they are Francie and Casey) and a Ken doll. The first doll appears to be of a mermaid type doll so I don't believe her to be vintage, though a lovely mermaid none-the-less. The other doll is from 1958 and could be one of these gals or a Barbie doll (see closeup of face). I do not know for sure; all I say and show is the date that is on her from 1958 (see closeup photo). She has orange and yellow tinted hair. Other than needing a hairdresser, this doll as well as the mermaid doll appear to be in pretty good condition. The Ken doll is from 1968 and he appears to be in great shape also. He has blonde hair. All vintage dolls could use a little sponge bath. There are quite a few accessories with some of the clothing having original Barbie tags on them as well as Ken tags but others have no tags so may not be vintage. I have tried to take enough pictures for you to see the outfits, clothing, shoes and any other accessories that are included but if you need a specific photo, please don't hesitate to ask me for it. There is also a little pamphlet (#3) called "The World of Barbie Fashions by Mattel". It has thumbprint pics of Barbie, Casey, Francie, Skipper and Tutti on the cover. Looking through it I can see at least one, maybe two outfits that are included in this assortment. Also, not included in the pictures are 3 pairs of matching shoes suitable for a Ken doll (if not actual Ken doll shoes), two golf clubs, ball and hole as well as two halloween disguises. (sorry but I found these after all my pics were taken). They are all in good condition. The inside of the box itself looks to be in good to very good condition. There are two pockets on the right side that snap closed. The vinyl is curled and hard to get it to lay flat as you can see in the photo. There are two small compartments that have a turn latch to keep both closed, where accessories can be kept. There is a bar at the top where clothing can be hung (I have hung what I could with the hangers that were included). There is a also a tiny little Barbie type doll that looks like a life guard using binoculars. She stands only about 4 inches high. The others stand about 12 inches high. The clothing could no doubt be washed but what you see is what you get. I did not do anything to these items except display them for the photos as best I can. US AND CANADIAN BIDDERS ONLY, PLEASE. WE ACCEPT PAY PAL. NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Feel free to email me with any questions or if you would like additional pics. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Bidding!

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